SENSEX 80,125.45 376.63 (-0.47%)
INDIA VIX 13.59 1.85 (-11.98%)
NIFTY 200 13,759.70 74.50 (-0.54%)
NIFTY 50 24,391.95 117.30 (-0.48%)
NIFTY AUTO 25,193.75 57.00 (-0.23%)
NIFTY BANK 51,874.75 405.65 (-0.78%)
NIFTY ENERGY 41,566.30 379.20 (-0.90%)
NIFTY FIN SERVICE 23,364.65 262.15 (-1.11%)
NIFTY FMCG 62,217.55 1,335.80 (2.19%)
NIFTY INFRA 9,060.75 97.05 (-1.06%)
NIFTY IT 39,642.05 131.10 (-0.33%)
NIFTY MEDIA 1,944.10 9.60 (-0.49%)
NIFTY METAL 9,232.40 118.20 (-1.26%)
NIFTY PHARMA 20,629.40 12.15 (-0.06%)
NIFTY PSU BANK 7,267.05 54.45 (-0.74%)
NIFTY PVT BANK 25,826.50 188.50 (-0.72%)
NIFTY REALTY 1,088.40 2.50 (-0.23%)

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